Simple Light Cycles was designed to provide accurate visual feedback and responsive controls. Originally designed to be played with family and friends, Kelsam has decided to release the game for you to play too. Please feel free to contact us with any bugs, ideas, snide remarks, or just to say hello!



Simple Light Cycles was created because we had been playing a similar game, with our family and friends, that was unresponsive and buggy. We wanted to create a new title with the simplest, most responsive gameplay possible. The result was Simple Light Cycles.

After creating the inital game, we decided it'd be fun to implement many different gameplay "modes" (noted in game as "gameplay settings"). These settings allow players to customize their experience on a round-by-round basis.

Other Information

Simple Light Cycles is currently only available for Windows PC. Although keyboard input is supported, except when using projectiles, the game is best experienced when played with gamepads at 1080p resolution.